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Gratis mal for digital kjørebok

Mal for Google Sheets som oppfyller alle lovpålagte krav, og kan brukes på mobil.

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Privacy policy

This is our entire privacy policy.

Our privacy policy is simple. By using the Google App we do NOT get access to you data.

We will never be able to access your data. The script used in this app solely communicates with the other sheets of the spreadsheet.

Simply activate the "Kjørebok" and go. No hazzle, and no need to worry about us or your data.

Terms and conditions

Read this for our terms and conditions

This app is published AS-IS and it has no guarrantees that it will work, other than the fact that it worked when we published it. We are not resposible for any damage it does to you or your business. Neither are we responsible for setting this up or fixing issues. However, we might still do it because we are good people.